Just an observation

Some times I walk barefooted. In my flat and on the grass outside I do it all the time. But some times I also walk barefooted in the mountains. Last time was a month ago. Approximately 5 km, on stones, in heather, a bit on snow, in marshes and on stones. This time it was nearby Langfossen, one of the worlds greatest waterfalls.
During my walk I become aware of my hands. It is feeling I get every time I walk barefooted in the nature. The feeling is strength and a good tightening. Not that I usually feel weak. After all I’m practicing karate several times each week. This is something else, and it feels good. Strength and youth.
To me as a full-body reflexologist this makes sense. For muscular problems in the feet, treatment of the full projection on the hands gives good results. And of course, also the other way around. It is nice to observe how fast this effect appears.
I assume people who are used to walking barefoot have similar experiences.

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