Life, illness and death.

The life starts at conception. When do the process of dying start? Exactly at the same time. The name of this process is life. As soon as a life starts, it approaches death. Every thing that happens in a life affect the speed of this approach.

When death is reached, there is a chain that break. Which link in the chain breaks? The weakest. The pathologist has often a difficult task when trying to identify this link after death. The physician might have an even more difficult task to identify weak links and repair these links during life.

Two of my students back in 2008.

We have individual thresholds for when we start to label this link as an illness.

Luckily I’m not a pathologist or a physician, but a full-body reflexologist. And I have a companion, my clients body, alive. The client can express many kind of wishes, but the core is simple and always the same: Ease my approach towards the death, and make the process slow.

My task is then to locate and facilitate the healing of the weakest links, by listening with my hands and eyes to my companion.

I release tension. For me, all within reflexology is about releasing tension. Some might prefer to express it as facilitate a flow, or something similar. Wherever on the body I find tension, I release it. The most prominent tension first.

Link healed. Process slowed. Life prolonged.

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