The person, a limited resource for it self.

Published in the ICR newsletter, March 2017.

When we run for the bus, we experience that our body have some performance limits. The speed and the endurance limits are likely to become proven for us when we are too late for the bus. Other performance limits are less obvious.

  • How much refined sugar can I eat before my pancreas is exhausted and give up the production of insulin?
  • How many times can I be insulted before I get depressed?
  • How many times can I bend my knee when it is positioned sub-optimal before it becomes painful?
  • How many flue viruses must be exposed to my body before I get infected?

Probably no one can give the answers, but for sure there are limits.

The picture is also more complex than one answer for each question. You might have noticed that a person in the middle of a psychic crisis in many cases also is more vulnerable towards infections, back pain or other problems, just as an example. One accidents come seldom alone, we sometime says.



Reaction caused by contact allergy.

Allergy means that the immune system responds to a basically harmless substances when it is unnecessary. The immune system can be said to be overactive. Even if the substances one is exposed to is harmless, the body’s reaction can be deadly, anaphylaxis. It is claimed by many that the immune system make mistakes when when it reacts in this way.

As I see it, the body (and hereby the immune system) never makes mistakes. It can do things that is counterproductive with respect to a specific measurement parameter, but that is not the same as a mistake. It does exactly what it is biologically hardwired to do, formed by our evolution as humans. There is a historical reason for the immune system do (re)act as it does, also in the case of allergies where it might be difficult for us and the physicians to see the reason.

Lets make a big jump. If you have a car driving license, I’m sure your skill is above average, just as for everybody else. What happens to this skill if you are driving with three screaming kids in the back seat, a person sitting by your side telling you how drive and a radio playing German accordion hits from the 70s, in an unfamiliar car? Actually the skills will remain the same, but the performance will be very bad compared to if you were alone in your quiet car. In such stressful situation you will not have available the supporting resource, silence, in order to perform optimally. You would probably be able to perform close to optimally if there were only one disturbing source, or two. But at one point a threshold is reached and you have to stop the car before an accident happen.

In a similar way the immune system know how to handle peanuts, dust, cat hair, spores and wasp sting. The problem is that in a sub-optimal situation it has not the surplus to do full dept analysis of every task it needs to perform to keep you in a state where you feel good. For the body to be on the safe side, it activates the alarm system, an allergic reaction, based on a superficial analysis. Better to activate the alarm once (or thousand times) too much than once too little.

The way I treat allergies is in line with this. There will obviously be different approaches depending on what kind of allergy that are being treated and the overall constitution, but some things are common independent of this. I focus on draining the lymphatic system and balancing the hormonal system. I assume the lymphatic draining is understood by all reflexologists. The work on the hormonal system is intended to have an overall effect, reducing the stress level, balancing the whole body. In this way the body will free substantial resources to handle the allergen. To get this effect, much focused work on the hormonal system is needed. In addition to this general effect there is a more kurios one. This is related to the fact that allergies can be manipulated by hypnosis. I will not discuss this now.

An interesting question in this context is whether this also can be used towards auto immune diseases since they are also described as mistakes or malfunction by the immune system. I have yet to gain experience with this. Rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes type 1 and multiple sclerosis is among this kind of deceases. We have much to explore.

Anyway, by freeing up any resources for the body, its handling of health issues will improve. The consequence is that even if we miss all reflexes for the issue our clients wish help with, the chance is good that we will improve the condition as long as we hit any active reflexes. Releasing tension in any active reflexes will lighten the burden on the system, to give the body more resources to handle the “main” problem. Nice to know.

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