Lemniscate Microcosmic Orbit

I have made an animation to visualize the orbit. The microcosmic orbit is important in many chi kung practices. Unknown to most is its connection to reflexology trough the torus. I will not describe the practice in details here, but in brief:
When the focus is following the digestive channel, it is inside of the hole of the torus. When the focus is on the frontside or the backside of the body, it is outside of the torus.

The torus is the fundamental shape in reflexology, and biology. More on that later.

The differences between the Lemniscate version and other versions of the microcosmic orbit is that it follows both the Ren and the Du meridians upwards.  According to most prominent sources on TCM, upwards is the fundamental direction of the flow in these meridians. Since other versions of the microcosmic orbit have not followed these directions they have had some side effects, they have made some health issues.

This is one of the issues that I spend time on now a days, both as a therapist and as a karate practitioner.


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