The hearts of reflexology

This is the transcription from the movie.

For this presentation the reflexes on the hands will be used. The hands are more convenient to use when visualizing the reflexes, but everything will be similar on the feet.
Most reflexologists are familiar with the “standard” heart reflex. Here located according to the book by Heinrike Bergmans, Sarafijn Hand reflexology.
The most used heart reflex from Su-jok, by Park Jae Woo, is also commonly known.
Less known is that Su-jok have many more heart reflexes. Here are a few of them.
In the system promoted as Acunova, by John Boel, there are a full projection of the body in each joint. Thus there is also a heart reflex in each joint. The less accessible reflexes are not marked here.
ECIWO biology, by Yingqing Zhang, is not so well known, and even less understood. You might have heard about it related to acupuncture on the second metacarpal. But every bone on the body have the same projections on it. Thus a heart reflex is related to each bone.
Karl Axel Lind, the father of Full-body reflexology, put the bones together to form bigger projections. All of these have heart reflexes.
He also discovered that many projections also exists “upside down”. The feet reflexes are where the head reflex usually is considered to be, and vice versa. This is also valid for those from ECIWO biology.
All of the mentioned heart projections are smaller than the physical heart. There exist at least one projection that is bigger than the physical heart. In this projection a half heart reflex exists on each hand, forming a complete heart when combined.
This gives the total of x heart reflexes only on the hands. And there are more. More or less where ever you work, there will be a heart reflex. For each heart condition only a few of the reflexes will give a healing effect. There does not exist one heart reflex that is good for all conditions.
So where ever you treat a hand, there is at least one heart reflex. But only a few of them might be active at a time.

Will you join the journey to explore them?

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