This text assumes that you have watched the video that can be found on the following link:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14rOB_KC59I&feature=youtu.be. It was written on request from Liza Thomas, and published in the ICR Newsletter September 2019.

The videoshowsyou more than 80 projections of the heart. I can identify more than 400 on one hand orfoot if you are interested, but they are just of theoretical value. These hearts are not stand-alone. They are surrounded by a body, exactly the same way as the projection you already know. In other words – there are just as many noses, genitalia, throats, etc.
I have a confession. In my daily work, I have found my favorite projections and mostly limit myself to less than 10 projections. Every projection has its strengths and weaknesses. The secret to a good treatment is to use the best projection for the problem the client has and don’t waste time on the others. However, there are sometimes special cases where more rarely used projections are needed.
People who only know one projection expect it to be difficult to remember so many projections. But no, it is quite easy when you understand how the body organizes them. It is very logical. Going from one to 25 projections can be done in less than an hour. Not necessarily the most convenient projections, but a nice introduction.
I hope the video helps you to understand the absurdity in discussions about which chart is the best. If you refer to a knee reflex in a discussion, it does not really tell me anything. The knee reflex in which chart? The best would be if the reference was given to a very precise anatomical location. Then it would be possible to discuss findings in a more convenient way.
I’m not know as a very polite and gentle person. So, if you are a touchy person, I will recommend that youskip the rest of the text.
It is my opinion that you don’t really know reflexology until you know lots of overlapping projections. Just to be clear, I did not say that you do a bad job or get bad results, but the deep understanding of reflexology is impossible to get from only one projection.
I hope you receive this message as a challenge. Increase your knowledge about more projections and you will be amazed! Good luck on your journey. I also hope that in the future you can contribute to the knowledge about the individual projections.
There is so much to discover.

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