Re-engineering acupuncture

On this page I will let the readers follow the evolution of my writing and exploration, i.e. everything will be available from day one, not hidden until a formal publishing. When finished the text will be posted on the blog, and this page removed.

Even if acupuncture is not my main interest or is the field where I have my expertise, reflexology and acupuncture deals withe the same human body, and therefore must have a kind of intersection. There are lots of people mixing reflexology and TCM five-element theory. In my opinion this is a mistake, but I will not dig into that now. Among my other interest are karate and meditation. In both of these the micro-cosmic orbit technique appears. During my study of the micro-cosmic I discovered an inconsistency with the descriptions of the meridians. This started my quest.

Direction of the flow of energy in the meridians

The meridians of interest is the Ren and Du. I have found no disagreement in the literature, they both flow upwards. The Ren has its first point (named huiyin) located between genitalia external and anus. The Du has its first point ( named changqiang) located between anus and the tip of coccyx. There is also consensus in the literature about these locations, even if the words used to describe the locations vary a bit.

What comes before the first

The flow of energy in meridians exists before it enters the “first” point. The source of the energy in the Ren and Du meridian is located a bit varying in the literature.

Back in the time when I planned to start studying acupuncture I bought the book Acupuncture – The fourteen channels(1).

1 Anton Jayasuriya, Chandrakanthi Press International, sixteenth edition.