The dolphin tattoo

During my reflexology study lots of interesting things happened. One of the episodes were about this dolphin. It is located above the right ankle of one of my reflexology colleagues.

My teacher, Karl Axel Lind, some times used an electronic point finder. That was an instrument that made sounds according to the electric resistance on the skin. It can be used to scan an area, moving it back and forth in lines. Then a pen can make a mark on the skin whenever there is a sound signal. This can make very interesting patterns. But it can also result in completely indecipherable patterns.

One day Karl Axel was scanning an area on the upper arm, near the shoulder, of one student. I can not remember the context, I think it was back in year 2000. Suddenly we could see the similarity between the pattern revealing on the shoulder and the tattoo on my colleague’s leg.

It is possible to look at this as a curiosity, and just pass on. But not for me. This tells me that even thous small ink pigments under the skin is enough to disturb the balance of the body. I’m convinced that it is possible to stimulate the body to repel the ink out of the body. At least in theory. The two big questions are:

  • How much effort is needed to locate the projection(s) that is activated by the ink? The scanning with the point finder demands very much work.
  • How much treatment will be needed to repel the ink?

For the level of knowledge we have about reflexology now, it is unrealistic to do such work. Regardless, this should remind us reflexologists to take care of our body. Even small things affects us. In this context I also wish to mention something else. This happened while I was teaching reflexology in my hometown.


During a treatment of external clients, there was found an active reflex just below the umbilicus. We had to ponder a lot before we could see the connection to the projection above. The person on the bench had a piercing in the tongue. Do you think it is exciting with a piercing or that you look nice with earrings? Everything comes with a price.

Be a good example to your clients.

Link between ear- and foot-reflexology

The following video is an animation that tries to show how the foot can be projected in the ear, and how the ear can be projected on the foot. The animation only last for one second. Therefore some of the pictures the animation is based up on follows below. The most usual projection on the foot (based on Ingham’s map) is to have the spine along the medial side. The most usual projection on the ear (based on Nogier’s map) is to have the spine along the posterior edge.
By being aware of this connection it is possible to use two different projections on both the ear and the foot. The one on the foot is what Karl Axel Lind named System 3 projection. For those of you that knows both ear- and foot-reflexology it is hopefully possible to see that this implies that there is also a big head on the heel. The size of it makes it easier to work on details accessible on any little toe. It can be possible to find ear, eye, mouth, nose, brain and cranial sutures.

Are these “new” projections as powerful as the “old” ones? All projections have their good sides and their bad sides. If you don’t get the results you hope for by one, try another. Don’t be afraid to test them, be curious.
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